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August 2012 Archives

Massachusetts residents should investigate credit card suits

As residents of Massachusetts and other states continue to struggle in this difficult economy to pay off their credit card debts, judges have discovered that many credit card companies that sue in order to collect these debts often come to court without enough evidence to prove their claims. Judges have at times even dismissed these companies' suits for a lack of evidence, one time after a cardholder claimed that the company had overcharged her.

Dip in personal bankruptcies; still many filing in Massachusetts

The current economy poses difficulties for people across the country. Readers in Salem and across Massachusetts may have read about the recent decline in personal bankruptcy filings in the Commonwealth and nationwide. Whether or not they are considering bankruptcy, few are immune to current financial challenges and most would do well to be informed about the possibility of debt relief available through bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 provides golden opportunity for Olympian's mom

In the wake of the Summer Olympics, many in Massachusetts are undoubtedly proud of the way our country's athletes performed in London. One of the biggest standouts this year's games is 16-year-old Gabby Douglas, who took home the all-around individual gold medal.

Median income requirements to file for Chapter 7 in Massachusetts

Generally, Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows debtors struggling to pay off, for instance, medical bills and credit cards, the ability to erase certain types of debt and obtain a fresh financial start. However, all debtors wishing to file a Chapter 7 must first pass a means test. In other words, debtors must meet certain requirements before they are allowed to file this type of bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy 101 for Essex County residents

Any Essex County resident who is looking into the possibility of bankruptcy might quickly find him or himself a little turned around. It can be very hard to understand the whole process and while research into what bankruptcy is and how it works is absolutely necessary, it can quickly leave anyone feeling like he or she no longer knows which way is up.