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October 2012 Archives

Massachusetts shoppers ready to pull out their plastic

With the winter holidays approaching quickly, Massachusetts residents purchasing gifts will be more likely to charge a few those items to one or more credit cards. According to a national organization, Americans rack up over $851 billion in credit card debt during December, more than other months.

MA college graduates face mounting student debt crisis

As a follow up to our post last month on student loans, recent data show that over one and ten recent college grads from Massachusetts and around the country fall in to default on their student loan obligations within the first three years of incurring them. The actual number of those graduates not making payments may be much higher, given that some can exercise options to defer payments until a later time without defaulting.

Former bank boss's financial challenges lead to sale of house

A federal bankruptcy judge in Massachusetts is overseeing the auction of the former dream home of a one-time bank CEO. Multiple bidders have shown interest in the multi-million dollar home; at the request of the bankruptcy trustee, international bidders will be allowed to participate in the auction via telephone.