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January 2013 Archives

Credit card companies will continue fees; will consumers pay?

Massachusetts residents who are traveling to other states will want to be careful when using their credit cards to pay for their purchases. As a result of a recent class action settlement, credit card companies will now allow vendors to tack on an extra charge to cover their bank fees.

Filing for bankruptcy can carry emotional cost

Many people in Massachusetts still struggle in what seems to be a continuously sluggish economy. Those who get overwhelmed by financial obligations like credit card bills, medical expenses and high mortgages may choose to turn to bankruptcy for their debt relief needs.

Does filing for Chapter 7 help in a divorce dispute?

Residents of Massachusetts know that a divorce can cause a serious financial headache. One problem that might arise is with respect to house payments and the possibility of foreclosure. In many divorce cases, one spouse might agree to make payments on the family's home as part of a divorce settlement but then fail to do so.

U.S. bankruptcy filings down for 2012

Massachusetts residents may be happy to know that the number of Americans filing for bankruptcy for their homes or businesses fell significantly in 2012. In 2011, 1.38 million people filed for bankruptcy protection throughout the United States. In 2012, 1.13 million individuals sought debt relief through consumer bankruptcy.