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July 2013 Archives

Chapter 13 bankruptcy may help MA residents with tax debt relief

Many residents of Massachusetts may, as a result of financial challenges, get behind on their taxes even though they are honest people who ordinarily would pay their taxes promptly. Even for these relatively "innocent" delinquent taxpayers, however, the penalties can be harsh. In the case of IRS taxes, interest on balances owed compounds daily and sometimes taxpayers additionally face a penalty of up to 25 percent of the taxes owed.

Tax authorities fail to force mogul into filing for bankruptcy

While Massachusetts residents have heard and have read on this blog about how one can choose to file an individual bankruptcy should he or she face financial challenges, one recent case that has been in the national news illustrates that sometimes a person may want to consider their options before filing for bankruptcy In some situations, however, creditors may try to force the person into a bankruptcy against his or her will.

Will car loans create the next "subprime lending" crisis?

Massachusetts residents have probably heard that "subprime lending" in the housing market significantly contributed to the onset of the 2008 Great Recession. Now, some are concerned that history is repeating itself in the world of consumer automobile financing.

Former 'Gossip Girl' star files Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection

Massachusetts residents might remember that former "Gossip Girl" actress Kelly Rutherford was recently in the news over a contentious custody battle she was having with her ex-husband, who is also an actor. Now, with her legal battle having drained her finances, she has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection.