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November 2013 Archives

Unlicensed debt collectors linked to Massachusetts DAs

Debt collection tactics in Massachusetts can be borderline abusive. Some agencies are willing to harass individuals day and night with little respect for privacy. Being in debt is a challenge many people live with, and having multiple debt agencies calling you at work or home can compound debt-related problems. Controversial debt collection programs can even send unlicensed debt collectors out to collect payments. However, finding debt relief in a system with many unscrupulous business practices can put a person back on the path to financial freedom.

Massachusetts' Building #19 files for bankruptcy

Small businesses are a large part of the Massachusetts economy. They help to provide a valuable service to the local economy because they employ many people in the community. Unfortunately, some small businesses can fail. The debts of the business can merge into the personal debts of the business owner; small business owners may be personally liable for debts incurred from their businesses. The difficulties of emerging from a small business closure can be onerous and difficult for those unprepared for the financial repercussions. One of the options for recovering from high levels of debt may be a reorganization plan under Chapter 13 bankruptcy. When they close, businesses have options to choose from as to how to reorganize or liquidate and manage the resulting debt.

Are residents of Massachusetts using their credit cards less?

Credit is an important tool in this nation's economy. Unfortunately, here in Massachusetts, many people may find themselves in poor credit situations. Debt by itself can be a tool, but it can also be a tomb for those feeling surrounded by it. Borrowing entails a certain level of responsibility, but many banks and lenders charge very high interest rates that can make some feel overwhelmed by credit card debt.

How to deal with holiday credit card debt

The holiday season is upon us and many Massachusetts residents may feel the only way to survive is to use their credit. There are several strategies you can use you to minimize debt and other tools for those who feel mired in credit card debt. The holidays can be a stressful time for those who rack up credit card debt or are struggling with other large financial burdens.

Bankruptcy can help residents of Massachusetts with debt relief

High levels of debt can be overwhelming for anyone. It can add significant amounts of stress to the workplace, home life and making every day financial decisions agonizing. Suze Orman, a well-known financial guru, says that one way to alleviate the pressure is to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Massachusetts' residents who are struggling with high levels of debt and want to stop creditor harassment may consider the benefits of filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.