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Unlicensed debt collectors linked to Massachusetts DAs

Debt collection tactics in Massachusetts can be borderline abusive. Some agencies are willing to harass individuals day and night with little respect for privacy. Being in debt is a challenge many people live with, and having multiple debt agencies calling you at work or home can compound debt-related problems. Controversial debt collection programs can even send unlicensed debt collectors out to collect payments. However, finding debt relief in a system with many unscrupulous business practices can put a person back on the path to financial freedom.

The Boston Globe reported that six district attorneys from Massachusetts were still using a controversial program utilizing unlicensed debt collectors for up to three months past a February date when it was deemed illegal. The debt collectors were used to extract payment from fraudulent check writers. The state banking commissioner deemed that these groups were operating improperly without a license and the program should be shut down. Six district attorneys continued to use the program after that meeting for up to three months. Interestingly, the debt collectors were using stationery that carried the names and seals of the attorneys.

Some debt collectors may be operating without licenses and inaccurately portraying themselves. In the face of an onslaught of debt collectors, one option to consider is personal bankruptcy. It's important that collectors' business practices comply with sections of the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act. A personal bankruptcy can stop litigation against you. It will also legally require creditors to not call you at home. It can be one way to tackle financial challenges and even eliminate debt.

Debt collectors in Massachusetts may use controversial tactics to get payments. It's important to be wary of individuals who may be misrepresenting themselves on paper or even on the phone. Getting more informed about the process is a first step towards obtaining a fresh start.

Source: The Boston Globe, "DAs continued to use controversial debt-collection companies," Colman H. Herman, Nov. 16, 2013

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