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Massachusetts retailers hoping for strong holiday sales

The Thanksgiving holiday is increasingly being turned into a sales frenzy. Retailers are offering special deals on many of their products and are counting on strong sales. Some of those deals may be a bargain, but they can also increase levels of consumer debt. The holiday season is a time for being with family, but it can also put increasing financial pressure on individuals who are in credit card debt.

In Massachusetts, stores are prohibited from being open on Thanksgiving Day; as a result, many retailers rely on highly motivated shoppers on Black Friday. According to the Boston Globe, many retailers are looking for shoppers to provide a surge in sales over the holidays. There is increasing pressure for more shopping as stores expand their sales to weeklong events. Some shoppers at the Target in Boston's South Bay Center recently spent more than 30 hours waiting in line to get good deals on television sets. Internet retail activity is expected to rise this year as well as in-store purchases.

If people find themselves being pushed into higher levels of debt, one option is a consolidation of that debt. During a period of unemployment and the corresponding large financial challenges, options like Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help secure a person's financial future. This form of bankruptcy can help eliminate credit card debt and medical bills. Some other financial burdens can be lessened as well.

The holiday season puts significant financial pressure on many people. Making that pressure more intense, retailers are offering many holiday deals and are putting further anxiety on those with consumer debt. The burden of debt is a heavy load to bear, especially into a new year. Fortunately there are options for those who want to alleviate some of this pressure during the holidays.

Source: The Boston Globe, "Diehard Black Friday shoppers fuel retail sales," Taryn Luna, Nov. 30, 2013

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