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February 2014 Archives

Credit card delinquencies at low levels for Massachusetts

While credit card debt has been declining on the whole in Massachusetts, the number can vary person-to-person. If a Massachusetts resident is struggling with high levels of debt, they may need to know about their options. Reorganization of a debt load could help a person stop foreclosure and create a manageable way to pay off what is owed for medical needs, student loans or the mortgage. Addressing debt relief needs is the first step to take when considering options for financial stability.

Two potential Mass. casino firms go after gambler's home

Debt can take many forms. For those addicted to gambling, their finances can be decimated in a few rounds at a poker table. Those struggling under large personal debts easily can feel overwhelmed. There are ways to help eliminate debt in Massachusetts. You may find yourself unjustly harassed by collection companies who use extreme measures to get your assets. However, bankruptcy may provide a way to end a tough period of enduring the harassment of creditors, unemployment and unpaid bills.

Former Boston Red Sox player is sued for bankruptcy

Business owners often invest their own money into a company start-up. Being financially liable can have its benefits, but it can also have a lot of negative repercussions if the business goes through financial problems. Being mindful of a competitive environment, many small business owners can struggle for years before making profits. In Massachusetts, some residents struggle with making basic payments on large loans. One option for a failing business is to enter into Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Monitoring credit card bills may prevent fraud in Massachusetts

One of the most difficult parts of being in debt is negotiating with lenders after a fraudulent charge. When you owe money to creditors, your life can be turned upside down. Harassment from creditors can take a variety of forms, including harassing messages and letters. Unscrupulous companies may try to squeeze as much money as they can out of you. If you are the victim of fraud, it can be hard to receive help from large financial companies. As credit card bills pile up, it's important for you to be on the lookout for fraudulent charges that could increase further fees.