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March 2014 Archives

Bankruptcy expert and Senator Elizabeth Warren promotes new book

If you are overwhelmed by debt, struggling with unemployment or poor finances, bankruptcy can be an option. There are experienced attorneys in the state of Massachusetts who can help you better understand what your options are when deciding whether to file for personal bankruptcy.

Massachusetts shoppers on alert for new credit card attacks

When someone has high levels of credit card debt, it can be very difficult to manage finances. From cases of fraud to stolen identities in the modern technological era, it's increasingly difficult to stay protected from harm. The technology of credit cards, smart phones and quick swiping are designed to make our lives easier, but it also opens up opportunities for those who want to steal information. In Massachusetts, residents who are facing high levels of debt may end up contemplating options like Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Massachusetts credit unions look to student loans for business

Many Massachusetts students are in the process of making decisions about what colleges they want to attend in fall of 2014. Parents may share concerns about the future of their children and how to make sure they are financially responsible. But when someone is shouldered with debt and they foresee significant burdens in the future because of student loans, one option to consider is debt reorganization bankruptcy.

Massachusetts reform law may lead to more underinsured

Being in debt is hard on a person's mental and physical state of being. One of the highest burdens for many people in Massachusetts is medical debt. A costly injury can put a person thousands of dollars in arrears. Long-term treatment can be even more costly when the bills continue to rack up. Debtors may find themselves surrounded by debt collectors who will use any method possible to try and collect what is owed. One option a debtor may want to explore when he or she is in high levels of consumer debt is filing for bankruptcy.