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Bankruptcy expert and Senator Elizabeth Warren promotes new book

If you are overwhelmed by debt, struggling with unemployment or poor finances, bankruptcy can be an option. There are experienced attorneys in the state of Massachusetts who can help you better understand what your options are when deciding whether to file for personal bankruptcy.

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren will be releasing a new book that talks about her life and pushes for financial responsibility in the state. The book, titled "A Fighting Chance," will offer a chronicle of her life from being reared in Oklahoma to helping in the push for the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Senator Warren has long argued for financial responsibility and is a well-versed in bankruptcy law, having taught the subject at several universities.

Bankruptcy is a complex field and, as Senator Warren knows, often requires years of study to fully grasp all the technicalities. Personal bankruptcy can help you reorganize your financial life, eliminate debt including medical expenses and help to get rid of credit card arrears. It offers you a chance for financial independence. Filing bankruptcy will immediately stop collection agencies from hounding you day and night.

Bankruptcy law has undergone some significant changes in the past few years. It is important to work with an attorney who keeps up to date with new changes in the system. Bankruptcy can offer you a fighting chance to get back on your feet for a fresh financial start. The first step in taking on change in your life is learning about what your options are.

Source: Mass Live, "Sen. Elizabeth Warren plans stops across Massachusetts to promote new book 'A Fighting Chance'," Robert Rizzuto, March 18th, 2014

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