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Massachusetts shoppers on alert for new credit card attacks

When someone has high levels of credit card debt, it can be very difficult to manage finances. From cases of fraud to stolen identities in the modern technological era, it's increasingly difficult to stay protected from harm. The technology of credit cards, smart phones and quick swiping are designed to make our lives easier, but it also opens up opportunities for those who want to steal information. In Massachusetts, residents who are facing high levels of debt may end up contemplating options like Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

The beauty salon supplier Sally Beauty was recently hacked and information from its customers was taken. Around 228,000 credit and debt cards were posted up for sale on the black market. The story was brought to light by the Internet security blogger Krebs, who also broke the story on the Target credit card hack. Sally Beauty said the company is investigating a possible breach.

If credit card information is stolen, it can put a Massachusetts resident in a financial bind. If, on top of that, someone already has a mountain of debt, it may be time to think about bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can help reorganize debt into manageable payments, get rid of some of the debt and put an individual or family on a path to a fresh start. It's important to be well informed on the latest Massachusetts bankruptcy law. Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help with financial challenges.

As our society moves further into the digital era, there will be more and more attempts to steal online information. Credit cards are important tools, but they can add a burden to finances. Anyone struggling with high interest rates and significant debt on credit cards may be thinking that it is time for a clean start.

Source: Business Week, "Another Day, Another Retailer in a Massive Credit Card Breach," Karen Weise, March 5, 2014

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