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Unemployment in west Mass. lower than state average

Finding a job can be a difficult challenge after a long period of unemployment in a poor job market. Financial burdens can take their toll, from personal loans to credit card debt. The burden can take both an emotional and physical toll on an individual or their family. Without financial support, one might find himself struggling to make ends meet. One option available to those with unpaid bills is filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can help relieve one's debt after losing a job.

The job market in western Massachusetts is significantly worse than the rest of the state, according to experts. Areas around Springfield have an unemployment rate as high as 10.4 percent. Experts say job prospects might improve in the fields of education, health care and human services. Some individuals are taking temporary or part-time positions to make ends meet.

In a climate of poor job prospects or low-income growth, expenses can add up and create a burden that is impossible to pay off. Personal bankruptcy can offer someone struggling with debt the flexibility to pay off debts over a number of years. Eligibility requirements are in place for different bankruptcy options. Certain types of debt will not be forgiven in bankruptcy, but bankruptcy does offer relief from consumer debt and predatory bill collectors.

Coping with a lost job or diminished income can be difficult in an economy that is slowly growing. Having a financial burden can increase stress and lead to other significant problems. Bankruptcy can help put someone back on the road to recovery, with options including the ability to stop foreclosure and develop a plan for the present.

Source: ABC 40, "Western Mass. Job Market Falls Behind State Levels," April 9, 2014

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