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May 2014 Archives

Popular pizza restaurant chain to exit bankruptcy

Debt relief for a business can be a critical financial tool for a company that is running into cash flow problems. This can occur when business is slowing down, debt interest payments are high or other problems with liquidity. Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Massachusetts can help with debt relief as a business continues operations and gets back on track. It can help ease relations with creditors and develop a repayment plan that will fit for both sides of the business.

Boosting a credit score while lowering debt in Massachusetts

Paying down debt can be difficult, especially if someone has high interest rates and a large balance. The ability to pay down debt for Massachusetts can depend on a variety of factors from financial obligations to income. While paying down debt in a systematic way can help, there are other financial options to consider. Those can range from formulating specific ways to target financial obligations to filing for bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy impact on credit in Massachusetts

One of the challenges for Massachusetts residents when considering bankruptcy is choosing from a variety of options available. There are several options to choose from that can bring about debt relief. One of the options is filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which can allow someone in debt to pay off creditors and get his or her life back on track.

How Massachusetts residents can reduce credit card debt

There are many traps when purchasing goods or services on credit. Some financial providers have lengthy terms and conditions that can change at their discretion. Being overwhelmed by debt can be very difficult in Massachusetts. A life can be interrupted by creditor harassment and the psychological toll of a debt load. Credit card bills can quickly overwhelm, but fortunately there are options to lower debt.

Baby boomer debt rising in Massachusetts

Sometimes paying off debt can take a lifetime. With the high costs of college and high interest rates on credit, it may feel to some Boston residents that they will never be able to get out of debt. Some parents take on loans to help out their children and others rack up credit card debt. Debt relief is available for consumer debt and can put some boomers on the road to financial freedom.