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June 2014 Archives

Massachusetts sees increase in consumer credit usage

A difficult part of struggling with debt is the ubiquity of credit usage. Credit can be both a friend and an enemy to someone who needs financial help. When things get out of control, a Massachusetts resident can feel like there are few options. But, there are several choices to consider, including personal bankruptcy. This can help clear an amount of debt, organize payments and help eliminate financial challenges.

Massachusetts man allegedly hacks 14,000 credit card accounts

One of the difficulties of modern technology is that information can be stolen and used. If someone is struggling with a mountain of personal debt, fraudulent activity on their account can put them over the edge with a lender. One option for those with overwhelming debt is Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This allows for people to start fresh with a clean slate. Financial stability for those who are struggling with a large amount of debt can provide a new beginning. In short, being burdened by large amounts of debt does not help any Massachusetts resident.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can provide debt relief for many

Most people don't choose to have a lot of debt. In Massachusetts, debt accumulation can anchor some people to living month-to-month while dealing with harassing creditors. It may seem like there are no options when predatory creditors call day and night. Fortunately, options like debt reorganization bankruptcy can help residents get out of a harassed lifestyle. Some creditors will go to unsavory extreme lengths to attempt to collect on debt.

Habits for credit card debt relief in Massachusetts

A credit card can be a useful tool. From buying on credit to establishing a credit rating for the future, there are important things that a credit card can help a Boston resident accomplish financially. Unfortunately, engrained habits or a mountain of debt can make that tool ineffective. High interest rates can put even the savviest individual into large amounts of debt. Healthy financial habits are important tools for getting rid of debt and there are many options for those who are overwhelmed by their credit card bills.