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August 2014 Archives

What is Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

When someone is in a financially challenging position, they may be interested in the options they have under the federal bankruptcy laws. One option for Massachusetts residents laden with consumer or other credit card debt is Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Thirteen states settle lending dispute affecting Mass. soldiers

Predatory lending companies often prioritize profits over helping people solve debt problems. In Massachusetts, if someone is struggling with debt and involved with a predatory lender, he or she can seek financial help that can stop harassment by creditors. Often, a company will resort to calling people at home and work in as harassing a manner as possible. Financial reorganization of assets can put a stop to creditor harassment and their often-predatory ways of doing business.

How to settle credit card debt in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, individuals who struggle with credit card debt may not know all the options available to them. One can feel alone in the wake of tremendous pressure from creditors and collection agencies. If someone is going through a difficult financial period, paying off credit card debt may be impossible. High interest rates can cause even the most stringent individual to be unable to make the minimum payments necessary to stay afloat on debt.

New law proposal could change bankruptcy options

Whenever there is proposed legislation in areas round Massachusetts that impact bankruptcy regulations, those laden with consumer debt should take heed. If someone is in a high level of debt, bankruptcy can be an option. It's important to be mindful of the applicable laws and options available, but personal bankruptcy can help those who are mired with medical expenses or other levels of consumer debt.

Study: 35 percent of Americans have had a debt in collections

Many Massachusetts residents who are struggling with debt feel alone. In fact, they have a lot of company, and there are options available for helping them overcome their financial challenges.