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How our office can help troubled families get a fresh start

Last week's post discussed how the ultimate goal of any debtor in a bankruptcy proceeding is to get a discharge from the court saying that some or all of the debtor's creditors can no longer legally attempt to collect on the outstanding debt.

While most Massachusetts residents may get the impression that bankruptcy is a relatively simple and automatic court proceeding, it is in fact anything but. To have a bankruptcy go smoothly, a bankruptcy attorney has to make sure that the paperwork is filled out correctly and completely.

At our law office, we interview our clients carefully and follow up on information just to make triple sure that the paperwork is accurate. Moreover, if we see a hole or a bump in a client's planned bankruptcy proceeding, we make every effort to give the client plenty of advanced notice about the issue. Moreover, we try to find a good or at least workable solution for whatever our client's particular problem may be.

Even with the best representation possible, something may go wrong in a bankruptcy that could either delay a debtor's discharge or threaten to undermine the debtor's ability to get a discharge at all. In these cases, we rely on our knowledge, preparation and experience to protect our client's interest and to get as fair of a result as possible.

With respect to all types of bankruptcies, our firm understands that most of our clients want to obtain a discharge as quickly as possible so that they can move on with their financial lives, enjoying the financial fresh start that a discharge in bankruptcy would give them.

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