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June 2015 Archives

Am I able to get my student loan discharged in bankruptcy?

Many residents of Massachusetts have to pay back college or graduate school loans in addition to meeting their other financial obligations each month. When money is otherwise tight, such as one family member loses a job or incurs an unexpected medical bill, it can be tough for people to make these student loan payments regularly.

High Court limits 'lien stripping' option for Chapter 7 debtors

Massachusetts residents who are struggling with mortgage debt need to be aware that the United States Supreme Court limited one avenue through which a debtor can use Chapter 7 bankruptcy to get some relief from stifling house payments.

We can help you get your Chapter 13 plan approved

In a recent post, this blog reported that the United States Supreme Court recently made it clear that a bankruptcy judge's decision to not approve a Chapter 13 plan cannot be appealed to a higher court. This decision makes it all the more important for Massachusetts debtors filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to submit a repayment plan that the local bankruptcy court can and will approve.

'Reaffirmation' of a car loan in Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Many Massachusetts families who are struggling with debt probably have at least one car payment to manage along with all of their other bills. While one option is simply to let the car be repossessed following a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, many families rely on their vehicles for transportation and need to keep them.