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Standing up to overzealous creditors

One of the greatest benefits that filing bankruptcy offers to financially strapped families in Massachusetts is the powerful "automatic stay." The automatic stay is a standard federal court order that prevents creditors of Massachusetts families from taking any actions against the family in an effort to collect a debt.

The automatic stay gives a struggling family breathing room to continue living their lives without having to worry about nasty phone calls, repossessions, and wage garnishments. In order to continue collecting a debt, a creditor has to get permission from the bankruptcy court.

Of course, an automatic stay only offers protection so long as creditors respect it. Although most creditors would never intentionally violate the bankruptcy court's orders, many large creditors may do so through carelessness or even through oversight that is common in a large corporation like a major bank or credit card company.

Unfortunately, there are also creditors, even large, sophisticated businesses, which will intentionally try to circumvent an automatic stay in order to collect as much money on a debt as possible. Not wanting to attract notice, some may try subtle means of violating the stay that may even come across as in a debtor's best interest.

Massachusetts debtors go to a bankruptcy attorney in order to get debt relief. One important component of getting that relief is the automatic stay. A quality bankruptcy attorney will assist his or her clients with preventing creditors from violating the stay and should be willing to bring a creditor before the bankruptcy court if doing so is necessary. The Law Offices of Kenneth E Lindauer is experienced in handling these matters, and is proud to help those seeking a fresh start stand up to overzealous creditors.

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