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September 2015 Archives

Paying attention to detail for our clients

Last week's post talked about the grounds under which a bankruptcy court can deny a Massachusetts debtor the discharge from debt that the person seeks. The results of a denial of discharge are serious; a denial means that a person cannot file bankruptcy again for several years and will just have to deal with mounting debt for the time being.

Hockey player seeks benefits of Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Massachusetts residents who follow NHL hockey might be interested to know that a professional hockey player who claims to have been bilked out of millions of dollars by his own parents is attempting to convert his Chapter 11 bankruptcy into a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. His creditors are not pleased with his request and have legally objected.

Can filing for bankruptcy stop wage garnishment?

Dealing with financial challenges on a daily basis is simply a part of life for the vast majority of Americans. Many people are still dealing with overwhelming debt that they may have accumulated as they attempted to get through the so-called "Great Recession." Others are struggling to make monthly mortgage payments. Countless other financial problems weigh on the minds of Massachusetts residents every day. For some, the most limiting issue is wage garnishment.

Taking control with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing

Thousands of Massachusetts residents face financial challenges every day that leave them making tough choices. Do I have enough gas in the tank to make it until payday so that I can use that money on groceries? Should I save money or use it to pay off debt? These issues, among many other financial concerns, are constantly on the minds of many Massachusetts residents.