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Last week's post talked about the grounds under which a bankruptcy court can deny a Massachusetts debtor the discharge from debt that the person seeks. The results of a denial of discharge are serious; a denial means that a person cannot file bankruptcy again for several years and will just have to deal with mounting debt for the time being.

As the blog post discussed, a bankruptcy is not a slam dunk case or some sort of a right that a person can just go in and claim by filling out paperwork. A discharge can indeed be denied for flagrant acts of dishonesty that an honest Salem resident probably knows not to do, but a discharge can also be denied for relatively minor things that could be explained as inattention to the details of the case.

One of the most important things that a bankruptcy attorney does for their clients is mind both the details of the clients' case and the nuances of bankruptcy law and practice. The legal professionals at our law office take each bankruptcy case very seriously and will fill out all bankruptcy paperwork carefully after getting a full and accurate picture of our clients' financial situation.

Once the paperwork is filed, a debtor will have several additional court-ordered and other obligations that they must follow if they want to get a discharge. While in some cases it is the debtor's responsibility to follow these orders, our office can sometimes offer support and guidance in doing so.

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