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Helping individuals deal with debt through personal bankruptcy

Dealing with financial problems can be scary. An individual or family might struggle to deal with their bills in the short-term, making it impossible to think about their situation in the long-term. The idea of bankruptcy might frighten some; however, bankruptcy is a realistic debt relief option that could be safe and reliable for many individuals drowning in debt. Whether a person's financial problems stem from credit card debt, medical debt or unemployment, filing for personal bankruptcy might be the best opportunity for an individual or family in Massachusetts to gain a fresh financial start.

At the Law Offices of Kenneth E. Lindauer, we understand that individuals have many questions prior to and during the bankruptcy processes. Because of that, our legal team is prepared to answer these questions and meet the goals of our clients. When a homeowner files for bankruptcy, he or she is often primarily concerned with keeping their home. We work with our client, helping them protect their homestead and any property exempted from the process.

There are two common personal bankruptcy filings, and depending on the goals and needs of the filer, it might be more appropriate to file for a Chapter 7 over a Chapter 13. If a debtor seeks to eliminate debt, filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy might be more suitable.

On the other hand, if developing a debt repayment plan is more fitting, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy should be filed. Our knowledgeable attorneys take the time to fully understand the financial situation of our clients, and we have helped past clients successfully navigate the bankruptcy process.

Many debtors are concerned about the repossession of items, the loss of a home and being harassed by creditors. Once a debtor initiates the bankruptcy process, all collections, foreclosure actions and any repossession proceedings are halted until the bankruptcy court makes a decision. To learn more, check out our law firm's personal bankruptcy overview. This website could provide a general overview of the bankruptcy process, providing individuals with information regarding possible debt relief options.

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