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March 2016 Archives

In Chapter 13, what are priority, secured and unsecured debt?

Salem residents who are experiencing financial challenges need not be embarrassed or frightened of the prospects of Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 13 is specifically for people who have income and will be able to formulate a plan to repay some or all of their debts. However, there are many aspects to a filing of Chapter 13 bankruptcy that must be understood before moving forward.

Financial challenges affect people from all walks of life

Those in Massachusetts who are experiencing financial challenges might feel as if they are all alone in the world, and the situation is never going to get any better. However, the prospect of bankruptcy does not simply affect those who do not have access to significant amounts of money, property and other assets. In fact, one need only look at the political landscape and the rise of businessman, Donald Trump, to the top of the presidential polls to see that bankruptcy need to be the end of one's life. Celebrities might have an otherworldly quality, but they too face financial problems and require debt relief to get back on stronger ground.

Helping Massachusetts homeowners stop foreclosure

For many people in Massachusetts, owning one's own home remains the American Dream. For decades, home ownership was the norm for millions of middle-class Americans. But, in today's struggling economy, many Americans worry they might lose their homes to foreclosure.