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March 2017 Archives

Three ways to tackle credit card debt

Today, it is ideal to live a debt-free life. However, because many Massachusetts residents use credit cards, it is very common to carry a balance of debt. While many individuals rely on credit cards to cover certain expenses, consumer debt can quickly get out of hand. Although credit cards are often the culprit for getting a person into debt, they can also be the tools used to get the consumer out of debt as well.

How problematic is credit card debt in America?

In today's society, many residents in Massachusetts and other states across the nation seek to own what is new and in demand. Such a situation can get costly, causing some individuals to pay for these items on plastic. While it is not uncommon to use credit cards, it is becoming more and more common to carry a growing balance on credit cards, making this type of debt a problem for many Americans.

Obtaining a mortgage after a Chapter 13 bankruptcy

No one enjoys admitting that they have financial problems; however, residents in Massachusetts and elsewhere should not pretend that they do not exist when they are occurring. Doing so tends to generate an even larger issue. Thus, it is important for debtors to get a good picture of what options are available to them so action can be taken to address his or her debt problems. In most cases, filing for bankruptcy is the next best step.

Helping you overcome debt with Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Dealing with financial problems is unfortunately not a rare situation to be in for individuals and families in Massachusetts and elsewhere. While some are able to overcome his or her issues with debt by budgeting, getting another job and seeking financial help, others are not that fortunate. In these cases, it is important to consider what options are available and what strategies meet the needs of the individual or family.

Keeping personal property safe from bankruptcy creditors

Bankruptcy can be a terrifying word for Massachusetts residents who are burdened with debt. Many people in this situation wrongly believe that a bankruptcy proceeding will strip them of all of their assets, including their house and automobiles. However, with the right approach, the outcome of a personal bankruptcy can be far less ruinous.