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June 2018 Archives

What to consider when filing for bankruptcy

People in Massachusetts who are struggling with debt may hesitate to file for bankruptcy because of the associated stigma. According to a report from the Notre Dame Law Review, however, waiting to file for bankruptcy can land people in even more difficult financial circumstances.

Buying a car during a bankruptcy proceeding

Massachusetts residents and others who are in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can usually still get financing to buy a car. However, doing so will require court approval. In many cases, subprime lenders will be the ones to make offers to those involved in a bankruptcy proceeding. It is also possible that a bank or credit union will work with an individual if he or she has a relationship with that financial institution.

Rapper Lil Kim files for Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Hip-hop fans in Massachusetts and around the country may know Kimberly Denise Jones better by her stage name Lil Kim. The diva shot to stardom in 1996 when her debut album 'Hard Core" topped the Billboard 200, but she has not always fared as well outside the recording studio. Lil Kim's money problems have provided grist for gossip columnists for several months, and media outlets have now reported that the beleaguered rapper filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition in early May just days before a bank foreclosed on her Alpine, New Jersey, mansion.