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Is Chapter 7 bankruptcy the right option for you?

Do your finances look like they were hit by an Atlantic hurricane? Maybe you have lost your job or your business. Perhaps your credit cards are maxed out. Maybe unexpected medical expenses are mounting, or your student loans are heading into default. You've cut expenses to the bone, but your unpaid bills grow higher and higher.

Reduce credit card debt with baby steps

Credit card debt is an issue that plagues many Massachusetts consumers. Many are still feeling the sting of their holiday spending. Others may be struggling with unemployment or other financial challenges. Whatever the situation, credit card debt can be overwhelming and even embarrassing to some people. Getting out of debt may seem impossible, but by taking baby steps, it can happen. The trick is to have patience, since it won't happen overnight.

Debt relief can look very different to different consumers

Some readers of this Massachusetts bankruptcy blog may be familiar with the marketing slogan, "One size fits all." Products and services that are given this designation are intended to work for any person, regardless of the many qualities that make him or her unique. While one size fits all promotions may work in some industries and markets, it is not a good policy when it comes to consumer debt relief.

Noted Massachusetts contractor files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

A renowned Massachusetts contractor recently filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, citing an ongoing legal suit as the primary cause for its financial issues. The company, whose CEO took over for her husband after his death in 1990, became well-known after the CEO was named the first female Builder of the Year by the Northeast Builder's Association of Massachusetts. Additionally, the CEO was celebrated in 2012 by the Home Builders Association of Massachusetts with a "Legend of the Industry" award. This honor is given to those who the Association feels have bettered of the industry. Unfortunately, though, even those who are successful are not immune to financial challenges.

National Hockey League player files for personal bankruptcy

Professional sports players often make millions from the get-go in their careers. However, this does not mean that they are immune from financial problems.

Personal bankruptcy: One option for overwhelming debt

There are many questions that you might have when faced with an overwhelming amount of debt. Financial challenges can be quite complicated for people living in Salem and Haverhill. There are wide gradients in loans, obligations and other forms of debt that individuals or families may take on. When those items get out of control and payment seems impossible, one option to consider is personal bankruptcy.

Massachusetts sees growth in eviction filings

The inability to pay bills and meet daily living expenses can lead to serious problems with credit ratings and may result in an eviction from an apartment or home. In Massachusetts, those who are struggling with high levels of consumer debt may find that they are completely overwhelmed. When someone who is struggling to make rent payments because of high consumer debt, an option to consider is personal bankruptcy. An eviction due to high levels of debt can put someone in danger of falling even further behind on debt. Bankruptcy can be a viable option for those who want to transform debt into manageable payments and thus be able to pay their rent and other bills.

New law proposal could change bankruptcy options

Whenever there is proposed legislation in areas round Massachusetts that impact bankruptcy regulations, those laden with consumer debt should take heed. If someone is in a high level of debt, bankruptcy can be an option. It's important to be mindful of the applicable laws and options available, but personal bankruptcy can help those who are mired with medical expenses or other levels of consumer debt.

Study: 35 percent of Americans have had a debt in collections

Many Massachusetts residents who are struggling with debt feel alone. In fact, they have a lot of company, and there are options available for helping them overcome their financial challenges.

Massachusetts sees increase in consumer credit usage

A difficult part of struggling with debt is the ubiquity of credit usage. Credit can be both a friend and an enemy to someone who needs financial help. When things get out of control, a Massachusetts resident can feel like there are few options. But, there are several choices to consider, including personal bankruptcy. This can help clear an amount of debt, organize payments and help eliminate financial challenges.