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Small business reorganization under Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Small businesses form the backbone of the Massachusetts economy and inspire many an American dream. However, very few ideas or businesses succeed from day one. Sometimes, debt relief under Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a necessary bridge to greater success.

Many drowning in student loans need debt relief

Many people in Massachusetts who go to college do so in hopes of obtaining a lucrative job after graduation. Unfortunately, due to the economy and other outside forces, many people are no longer able to make their student loan payments and soon find themselves being harassed by debt collectors. However, the U.S. Treasury Department is trying to take some steps that will help student loan debtors in these situations.

Massachusetts in top five delinquent loan ranking for September

When someone has a significant debt burden, that person may feel inundated by lenders and repayment plans. Oftentimes a payment may be difficult to make because of income constraints and high monthly bills. In Massachusetts, someone who is seriously delinquent on their loan may face harassing creditors. This can hamper both quality of life and financial freedom. For those who are seeking debt relief needs, bankruptcy can be an option to consider, especially when delinquent mortgage loan rates rank high in Massachusetts.

How do I keep credit card use under control?

Often when people are struggling with consumer debt in Massachusetts, one big concern is making sure more debt isn't piled on top of it. Sometimes, debt levels can be out of control and one of the few options is finding debt relief through bankruptcy. However, before taking such a drastic step, there are various strategies that can be employed to keeping credit card use under control. Some of those strategies are outlined below.

Thirteen states settle lending dispute affecting Mass. soldiers

Predatory lending companies often prioritize profits over helping people solve debt problems. In Massachusetts, if someone is struggling with debt and involved with a predatory lender, he or she can seek financial help that can stop harassment by creditors. Often, a company will resort to calling people at home and work in as harassing a manner as possible. Financial reorganization of assets can put a stop to creditor harassment and their often-predatory ways of doing business.

How to manage your credit card debt in Massachusetts

Debt has a way of creeping up on you. With high interest rates, a significant amount of debt can feel like an overwhelming burden to any Massachusetts resident. Statewide, some people have more debt than savings. This can lead to delinquent payments and significant financial challenges. If you have a large amount of credit card debt and are struggling to make ends meet, it might be important to evaluate your financial health and take some necessary steps to being on the path to becoming debt-free.

NFL QB Vince Young files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Massachusetts has a history of sports excellence. From the Patriots to the Bruins to the Red Sox, Massachusetts' residents have professional sports teams they can cheer for around the year. Unfortunately, in the realm of professional athletes, there are high rates of debt after they finish their careers. Some Massachusetts citizens can relate to getting mired in a situation where they are surrounded by credit card, medical and other forms of debt. One option for people and businesses wanting a fresh start is to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Massachusetts Lottery a moneymaker for some, but not all

Many Massachusetts residents find themselves searching for a fresh start in their financial lives during the holiday season. Quick fixes like winning the lottery are the dreams of many. Being in debt, of course, can add high levels of stress to a time meant for enjoyment. If one is looking for debt relief, and didn't win the Mega Millions lottery, one practical fix might be to file for consumer bankruptcy.

More auto loans being made to subprime borrowers

The choice whether or not to take out an auto loan can be a big one. The borrower may be committing himself to years of repayment, high minimum payments, and high interest rates. This might be especially true in today's auto loan market where subprime loans are becoming more common. In fact, 27.4 percent of new auto loans made in the second quarter were made to subprime borrowers, up two percent from last years.

Many still struggle though nation's credit card debt drops

Consumers here in Massachusetts remain cautious about the sluggish economy. This is evidenced, say experts, by a continued decline in credit card use. American Credit card debt dropped in July for the second month in a row, showing consumers are hesitant to charge goods and services to their credit cards. Economists are concerned this may lead to weak consumer spending, but many banks are trying to offer new incentives to get people to use their cards more often.