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Reduce credit card debt with baby steps

Credit card debt is an issue that plagues many Massachusetts consumers. Many are still feeling the sting of their holiday spending. Others may be struggling with unemployment or other financial challenges. Whatever the situation, credit card debt can be overwhelming and even embarrassing to some people. Getting out of debt may seem impossible, but by taking baby steps, it can happen. The trick is to have patience, since it won't happen overnight.

Find debt relief during the new calendar year

Readers of this Massachusetts bankruptcy blog may have spent the last few weeks preparing their 2015 resolutions. Each year people traditionally make plans to improve their health, wealth and happiness as the previous year ends and the new one begins. By now some may have fallen off of the resolution wagon and reverted back to using credit cards and other deferred payment options that enable their old spending ways. For people struggling to make ends meet and crippled by medical, home or credit card debt, our law firm understands that this can be a devastating occurrence.

Lenders target riskier borrowers in Massachusetts

Across the United States and Massachusetts, some lenders are discovering that their margins being tightened. This realization has turned some lenders to target riskier clientele when making loans or credit extensions. Getting a new line of credit may be a useful financial tool, it can also lead to significant debt for the borrower and debt can easily spiral out of control. Handling finances can be extremely difficult if credit card bills are unmanageable. High bills might lead to significant interest charges and the inability to get out of debt.

How Massachusetts residents can reduce credit card debt

There are many traps when purchasing goods or services on credit. Some financial providers have lengthy terms and conditions that can change at their discretion. Being overwhelmed by debt can be very difficult in Massachusetts. A life can be interrupted by creditor harassment and the psychological toll of a debt load. Credit card bills can quickly overwhelm, but fortunately there are options to lower debt.

Unemployment in west Mass. lower than state average

Finding a job can be a difficult challenge after a long period of unemployment in a poor job market. Financial burdens can take their toll, from personal loans to credit card debt. The burden can take both an emotional and physical toll on an individual or their family. Without financial support, one might find himself struggling to make ends meet. One option available to those with unpaid bills is filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy can help relieve one's debt after losing a job.

How to manage your credit card debt in Massachusetts

Debt has a way of creeping up on you. With high interest rates, a significant amount of debt can feel like an overwhelming burden to any Massachusetts resident. Statewide, some people have more debt than savings. This can lead to delinquent payments and significant financial challenges. If you have a large amount of credit card debt and are struggling to make ends meet, it might be important to evaluate your financial health and take some necessary steps to being on the path to becoming debt-free.

Bankruptcy expert and Senator Elizabeth Warren promotes new book

If you are overwhelmed by debt, struggling with unemployment or poor finances, bankruptcy can be an option. There are experienced attorneys in the state of Massachusetts who can help you better understand what your options are when deciding whether to file for personal bankruptcy.

Two potential Mass. casino firms go after gambler's home

Debt can take many forms. For those addicted to gambling, their finances can be decimated in a few rounds at a poker table. Those struggling under large personal debts easily can feel overwhelmed. There are ways to help eliminate debt in Massachusetts. You may find yourself unjustly harassed by collection companies who use extreme measures to get your assets. However, bankruptcy may provide a way to end a tough period of enduring the harassment of creditors, unemployment and unpaid bills.

Massachusetts retailers hoping for strong holiday sales

The Thanksgiving holiday is increasingly being turned into a sales frenzy. Retailers are offering special deals on many of their products and are counting on strong sales. Some of those deals may be a bargain, but they can also increase levels of consumer debt. The holiday season is a time for being with family, but it can also put increasing financial pressure on individuals who are in credit card debt.

Medical expenses drive many to file for bankruptcy

Many Massachusetts residents are struggling to get by. The poor economy may have left them with stagnate wages, low pay, or unemployment. When unexpected life changes hit, these individuals may be left in a dire financial predicament. Sometimes these situations are so extreme that individuals have to choose between paying bills and buying food. No one should have to live like this, but unfortunately many who receive medical care are struggling financially.