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Are you feeling overwhelmed by credit card debt or medical bills? Are you finding it nearly impossible to make monthly minimum payments? Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the answer to your problems. Not only will filing stop debt collectors from calling, but it can help you make a fresh start toward a solid financial future.

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At the Law Offices of Kenneth E. Lindauer, we understand many things can occur outside of your control. For more than three decades Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney Kenneth Lindauer has been providing effective, affordable debt relief services for individuals and families living in Massachusetts’ North Shore communities. At our firm, you get an understanding ear, personal attention and our promise to help you put your credit worries behind you.

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

In 2005, bankruptcy laws went through significant changes. Contrary to popular belief, most people and businesses still qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy under the new regulations. However, if we determine that you are not eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, we can also evaluate Chapter 13 personal bankruptcy and Chapter 11 business reorganization options.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows you to completely eliminate debt from credit cards and medical bills while continuing to pay on the debt you want to keep, which typically includes your house and car payment. Under Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you cannot eliminate certain ineligible debt, such as taxes, student loans or child support obligations. Although with the relief of eliminating other eligible debts, these remaining obligations aren’t nearly as burdensome.

Stop Credit Collection and Get Peace of Mind

When you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, creditors are required to immediately stop collections efforts and work through your lawyer — all pending collection lawsuits against you are essentially halted. Chapter 7 allows you to take the load off your back, while protecting what is most important to you and your family.

If you have become overwhelmed with consumer debt, contact the Law Offices of Kenneth E. Lindauer to help stop the worry. Move ahead with your life without the burden of excessive debt.

Attorney Kenneth Lindauer is a “debt relief agent” as defined by the United States Bankruptcy Code. Under the law a “debt relief agent” is a person who provides bankruptcy assistance to consumers.