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Can I keep my house?” This is probably the number one question people have about filing bankruptcy. Under the Massachusetts Homestead Act, you may protect a primary residence up to the value of $500,000 when filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy to eliminate your debt. Simply put, this means that you can “reaffirm” or “exempt” property from part of the bankruptcy judgment.

In order to keep property from being subject to repossession by your creditors, you must continue to make timely payments. Typically, people getting rid of their high monthly credit card debt are able to make arrangements with their bankers to make payments on property they wish to protect. Although most people reaffirm their house and one car, any secured debt may be declared exempt, including jewelry such as an engagement or wedding ring.

Repossession and Foreclosure Prevention During Bankruptcy

The Law Offices of Kenneth E. Lindauer can help you protect your most valuable possessions from foreclosure or repossession. From the moment you file bankruptcy, all collections, foreclosure actions, and repossession proceedings must stop until your creditor receives clearance by the bankruptcy judge to continue. After hiring us, you can immediately tell your creditors that you are represented by a lawyer — and they must go directly through us to discuss your debt repayment.

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We understand how important it is for your family to get a new start. We do everything we can to keep our fees reasonable and help you get through the legal matters as efficiently as possible, helping you with foreclosure prevention and keeping personal property, such as your house and farm, private real estate property, your car, jewelry (such as an engagement ring or wedding band), artwork, and business property assets.

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Attorney Kenneth Lindauer is a “debt relief agent” as defined by the United States Bankruptcy Code. Under the law a “debt relief agent” is a person who provides bankruptcy assistance to consumers.