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If you are considering filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will have some choices to make regarding the best way to protect your family’s home. A “Declaration of Estate of Homestead” provides relief for a property owner to protect a primary residence valued at up to $500,000 from attachment as part of a settlement to repay debt, including Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Under the rules of the Homestead Act, you must file for protection in your county of principal residence. A homestead declaration is an important option. Determining the advantages of protecting your home under federal law, or the Massachusetts Homestead Act will be one of your most important considerations.

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Since 1976, the Law Offices of Kenneth E. Lindauer has been helping people protect their homes from foreclosure when filing bankruptcy. When we meet for your free initial consultation, attorney Kenneth Lindauer will thoroughly discuss your financial circumstances and what legal options will most effectively save your home. We will also help ensure that your spouse and children are protected from losing their home in the event you pass away or you become disabled. We have all of the necessary information and forms to file accurately. When you file for debt relief through our firm, we handle everything.

What the Homestead Act Cannot Do

Although the Homestead Act is an important means of keeping your home in the family, it isn’t a cure-all for everything. A Declaration of Homestead won’t protect your residence from:

  • Local, federal, or state tax obligations and liens
  • Additional mortgages you may have taken to repay the original loan
  • Probate orders issued to enforce a judgment of child or spousal support
  • Foreclosure on outbuildings on the land not owned by the resident declaring homestead protection
  • Personal debts contracted prior to acquiring the homestead

Primary residence protection will be one of your most important considerations. Our firm can help you determine if a Declaration of Estate of Homestead is your best option for keeping your home.

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