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At the Law Offices of Kenneth E. Lindauer, we help people explore legal options for preserving their real estate assets. If you are falling behind on your mortgage payments and want to avoid having a lien being placed on your property, our law firm can explain your next steps.Before your property is lost to foreclosure or a short sale, or before you default on your mortgage, learn about your legal options from a Salem lien avoidance attorney. To schedule a free consultation at our law office, contact us online today.

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Eligibility for mortgage lien removal depends on a number of factors:

In most cases, a lien can be partially, if not fully, removed. Our firm can help you determine if you qualify for lien avoidance after filing bankruptcy. If so, we can walk you through lien avoidance procedures, which involve filing a motion in court. The bankruptcy court will then decide whether to remove the lien from your property.

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Attorney Kenneth Lindauer is a “debt relief agent” as defined by the United States Bankruptcy Code. Under the law a “debt relief agent” is a person who provides bankruptcy assistance to consumers.